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Dalal Street

Coordinates: 18°55′46.08″N 72°49′59.12″E / 18.9294667°N 72.8330889°E / 18.9294667; 72.8330889
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Dalal Street
Dalal Street Sign

Dalal Street (Hindi: dalāl path, Marathi: dalāl gallī), known as the Wall Street of Mumbai,[1] in turn described as the New York of India,[2] is the metonym for the financial markets of India, the Indian financial services industry of the country as a whole, or the actual financial district itself. It is located in the Financial District of Fort in Mumbai and is the address of the Bombay Stock Exchange and several other major financial institutions of the world. The Marathi word dalāl means "a broker", "a go-between".[3]

18°55′46.08″N 72°49′59.12″E / 18.9294667°N 72.8330889°E / 18.9294667; 72.8330889

The Bombay Stock Exchange on the Dalal Street

In 2008, there was a proposal to rename the street after Nagarmal Saraf, a broker who worked at the BSE for 25 years.[4]

In the media[edit]

The Mumbai based video game Mumbai Gullies is expected to feature the Dalal Street in the fictional map.[5][6]

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