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I am Faethon


Hi! I am [Faethon]. My login is Faethon27 and my password Faethon27.

My history


[History until Faethon22] Then someone abused Faethon22, and registered [Faethon23], [Faethon24], [Faethon25], [Faethon26].

What I did to escape from vandalism


So I registered [Faethon27] hoping this account is not going to be abused. Fortunately, even in case they are going to abuse my brand new account again, there are always unregistered accounts to choose like [Faethon28], [Faethon29] e.t.c. (You can easily check wheither a FaethonX's account is registered or not. Just have a look in contributions link. If FaethonX name is [grey] it is not registered. If it is [blue] or [red], it is registered.)

Where are the admins?


[Where are they?]

My Rules


[Rules 1 - 7 ].

Rule 8: All votes of all FaethonX accounts are valid with the condition to have their password unlocked and set to the default FaethonX password. In case more than one valid FaethonX votes are casted in the SAME poll, then those votes are counted as ONE vote. The administrator who counts the votes is not allowed to change them, he/she has first to check if FaethonX has a valid FaethonX password, then make a sum of all FaethonX's votes, decide what the consensus of FaethonsX accounts is, and finnaly count their vote as one vote.

My Public Key


[Same as original Faethon account]