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Pu Songling

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Pu Songling
Born(1640-06-05)5 June 1640
Zibo, Shandong, Ming China
Died25 February 1715(1715-02-25) (aged 74)
LanguageClassical Chinese
PeriodQing dynasty
SubjectChinese literature
Notable worksStrange Tales from a Chinese Studio (Liaozhai zhiyi)
Pu Songling
Traditional Chinese蒲松齡
Simplified Chinese蒲松龄

Pu Songling (Chinese: , 5 June 1640 – 25 February 1715) was a Chinese writer during the Qing dynasty, best known as the author of Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio (Liaozhai zhiyi).[1]



Pu was born into a poor merchant family from Zichuan (淄川, in Zibo, Shandong). At the age of 18, he received the Xiucai degree in the Imperial examination. It was not until he was 71 that he was awarded the Gongsheng ("tribute student") degree for his achievement in literature rather than for passing the Imperial exam.

He spent most of his life working as a private tutor, collecting stories that were later published in Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio in 1740. Some critics attribute the Vernacular Chinese novel Xingshi Yinyuan Zhuan ("Marriage Destinies to Awaken the World") to him.

Translations of his work

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In The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang (2019), Jackie Chan portrays Pu Songling

Dao Lang has released an album based on his folk stories, called "There are Few Folk Songs" (山歌寥哉).[3] The tracklist includes "Luosha Haishi" (罗刹海市), a song based on The Raksha Country and the Sea Market, which is compared to "Gangnam Style" for its virality and watching records.[4][5]


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