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Muzha District

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Muzha (Chinese: 木栅; pinyin: Mùzhà; Wade–Giles: Mu4-cha4; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ba̍k-sa; lit. 'wood fence'), alternatively romanized Mucha, was a district in Taipei City, Taiwan. The name refers to wooden fences built in the region to defend against attacks by Taiwanese Indigenous peoples.[1]

During Qing rule, the area belonged to Tamsui Ting [zh]. After 1920, during Japanese rule, the area belonged to both Naiko (内湖) and (坡內坑) of Shinkō Village (深坑庄) of Bunsan District, Taihoku Prefecture (modern-day Shenkeng District and Neihu District).

Muzha was transferred from Taipei County to become a district of Taipei City.[1] In 1990, it merged with Jingmei District to become Wenshan District.[2]

Map including Muzha (labeled as Mu-cha (Mōkusaku) 木栅) (1954)


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